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PUTTLE® is a fun, simple but competitive putting game for all ages and abilities. All you need to do is putt the enclosed Dixon Earth golf ball towards the Puttle® pins and try to knock over the center pin, (that's the best).  Scoring in Puttle® is from 1 to 5, and like golf , lowest total wins . Knocking down the center pin is 1 point, but if you miss all three pins, that's 4 points. You compete over nine or eighteen putts, and with a Puttle® Mat you can play Puttle® almost everywhere, at home, the office or the Swiss chalet. Click on this link for a complete scoring overview. No more boring putting drills for the golfer in the family because regular Puttle® playing will keep their short game sharp. Puttle® is also an excellent game for children to learn the essential putting stroke and the scoring of golf.

If you can putt, you can PUTTLE® .

The Original Puttle® Game, shown above actual size, is $15.95 (USD).
The Puttle® Game contains three wooden Puttle® pins, an instruction sheet, a scorecard, circular stickers to indicate the proper pin position, and a Dixon Earth golf ball.
Special offer:  Purchase 3 Original Puttle® Games and receive a fourth free.

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Puttle® is also available in either the Standard Puttle® Kit or Deluxe Puttle® Kit.

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The 2015 Puttle ®  Championship / Allentown Brew Works Cask Beer Fest / March 2015

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Stop 3 Putting. Now.

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*Puttle® received the Creative Child Magazine 2009 Award Seal of Excellence in the Indoor Play category.

The Incredible North Pole Puttle® Tournament

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Golf, The Simple Way
by Ray Loy

His original text has been formatted for ease of use and portability. This 70 page instruction manual, above, is smaller than your cell phone and will fit almost anywhere. A "must have" addition to your golf library or bag. $9.95 plus $2 shipping and handling.
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